Fall Equinox – The Return of Cozy Cabin!

cozy cabin2 OZO Coffee Company

Seasons Greetings!

Change is in the air! You can smell it, you can feel it, and soon you will be able to taste it (and no, I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes).

Around the world, many people celebrate the fall equinox with various traditions, from gratitude writing to pumpkin patch visiting to apple pie making; the fall equinox is a time to acknowledge the changing of the seasons. It’s fall y’all! The equinox means the day of the year in which the day and night are of equal lengths, right before our days start to dwindle and the nights seem to linger. For some, this is a welcomed change and for others it signals hibernation.

To sweeten up this shift, OZO celebrates by changing up our seasonal blend. We transition from Creek Stomper to Cozy Cabin. For those who adore our Creek Stomper, have no fear, Cozy Cabin is much like our Creek Stomper, only slightly darker. In the cup, you can look for flavors of cocoa powder, maple syrup, and warming spice – the perfect coffee to warm you up as we welcome winter with open arms. Sweet and rich, this coffee can be enjoyed black, or, if you prefer to add milk to your coffee, Cozy Cabin has the depth to hold milk beautifully.

If seasonal beverages are more your things, look for changes to our seasonal menu! Year after year we bring back our own version of a PSL, called Pumpkin Pie Latte, created with homemade pumpkin pie syrup (comprised of pumpkin puree, ginger, clove, and cinnamon). For those who prefer a seasonal beverage not centered around pumpkin, we will also be offering the Apple of my Chai (hot tip: this drink is available year round, you just need to ask for it!). This seasonal beverage is another customer favorite made with apple cider, Sherpa Chai, caramel sauce, and cider spice!

Get in the spirit of the season with our seasonal changes and additions!