For the Love of Live Music

When Justin and I first started dating in 1998 there were several interests that brought us even closer together: Coffee, Skiing/Snowboarding, and LIVE MUSIC. Live music was my everything at the time and I especially enjoyed Music Festivals! in my heart I knew that my “dream partner” would have the same passion for the Live Music scene. 

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That first year we explored the Music Festival scene in Colorado together (from the One World Fest in Crested Butte, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Rockygrass, NedFest) and imagined how we could continue to share this passion for live music for years to come. Fast forward a bit and our kids joined us on those festival tours, as we did outreach tabling for KGNU Community Radio, all along dreaming up ways that we could continue to partner with music festivals whether it be through volunteering or vending. 

In 2007, OZO Coffee Company was born and from the start we knew that we wanted to bridge these two huge passions. We started roasting our own coffee in 2009, and Justin quickly partnered with the administrators of the Arise Music Festival (located right here on the Front Range).  We were honored to  become their main coffee partner and continued that relationship throughout their existence (nearly 10 years). 


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Since then our connections with the Music Festival scene here in Colorado has grown, and for that we are beyond grateful. We have sponsored and/or been a part of Sonic Bloom, Bluebird Music Festival & The Future Arts Foundation, backstage for the Boulder Theater and the Fox Theatre, E-town, KGNU Community Radio, the Charles Sawtelle Mtn Jam, and the festivals and concerts presented by Planet Bluegrass. 

The “full circle” moment occurred in 2018, our first year “popping up” an OZO Coffee at the 47th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival. We embarked on our journey down to Telluride from Boulder with an entire coffee shop in a UHaul truck. That’s right – a wooden floor, a massive tent, a three-group Synesso espresso machine, fresh roasted OZO Coffee, pastries from our friends at Organic Bliss, eight staff members, our children, and a few friends ready to work. What a weekend! Surreal is the only word that came over our minds as Justin and I stared out over the crowd that first year. I remember day two (Friday) taking a deep pause, reminiscing about our first time attending the festival in 1998 and our dream of connecting our lives to this festival. A moment in time forever embedded in our hearts. 

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OZO Crew – Telluride – 2022

And here we are… ready to continue our journey and our support for the LIVE Music scene. If you are planning a festival or concert and looking for coffee, consider reaching out to our team –

*Big shout out to every staff member, coffee farmer, and business partner along this path that has supported our mission: to connect and support diverse communities through coffee*


-Rebekah Hartman