Home Brewing Guides

We’ll help you perfect your at home brew the OZO Coffee way

General Brewing

-1 Tbs Ground Coffee  –  4 oz Water

-This 1:16 ratio will result in a reasonably strong and balanced cup assuming the correct grind size for your brewing method

-A decent rule of thumb for most drip coffee should be a medium – medium-fine grind

-If brewing a big batch of coffee, go slighly coarser than you may normally for that method

-The same can be said for brewing single cups – you can go as fine as table salt and have a tasty drink

-Taste matters more than any recipe!

French Press

26 g Coffee (~4 Tbs)  –  420 g (~15 oz) Water  –  Coarse, medium-coarse grind


-Pour 100 g water just off the boil and stir

-Let it bloom for 30 seconds

-Then pour to 420 g

-Stir crust at 4 minutes

-Press at 5 minutes, and enjoy

-It’s okay if you let it steep for longer!

Drip Coffee

We like to start brewing drip coffee at a 1:16 coffee to water ratio. 1 Tbs of ground coffee to 4 oz of water, using a medium, medium-fine grind.

So to brew a 3-cup pot (12 oz cups) in a home drip brewer, we’d scoop 9 Tbs of ground coffee and use 36 oz of water in the machine.

Pour Over

22 g (~3 Tbs) Coffee  –  375 g (~13 oz) Water  –  Medium-fine grind


A simple and consistent two-pour method we like in our QC Lab –


-Start at a 1:17 ratio, 22 g dose, 375 g water, medium-fine grind

-0:00 – 75 g bloom for 45 seconds

-0:45 – Tight concentric pour to 200 g, gentle stir or swirl

-When it’s nearly drained around 1:40, pour to 375 g, gentle stir or swirl

-Aiming for 3:30 total brew time around 1.35% TDS

-Highlights acidity and clarity while bringing out the coffee’s inherent sweetness, backed by a medium body to support the cup and its long finish