Jute Bags for Gardening

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Diving deeper into our sustainability story, today we decided to highlight a fantastic way to reuse the packaging that farmers utilize for shipping green bean coffee: jute or burlap sacks. These bags are often made from biodegradable fibers including hemp, flax or jute, and they have so many reusable opportunities!

Justin, our CEO, is a self proclaimed master gardener and will start every spring preparing the land with organic inputs such as coffee grounds and roasted coffee chaff before any planting begins. He surrounds his plant beds with burlap bags for many reasons, but most importantly to help control weeds from overgrowing in the area – adding wood chips will help manage your overgrown weeds even more. Placing burlap around your garden will also help limit the erosion of your soil and retain moisture, which is essential for our desert climate.  Burlap will often last multiple years in the garden and will naturally bio-degrade over time. Note that burlap can take up to ten years to fully decompose. This is just one way to reuse coffee jute and burlap bags in your garden. Through a little more digging, you can discover a multitude of options.

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Are you in need of Burlap bags?

Come by our Roastery at Flatiron Court between 1 and 3 pm Wednesday through Friday. You are welcome to grab any spent coffee grounds from our cafe and lab, too, for aiding in your home compost! 

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