New Release | Brazil Cascavel Vermelha | 3/15/24

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Brazil Cascavel Vermelha

OZO Coffee Company is delighted to announce the return of the Brazil Cascavel Vermelha to our lineup. This Brazilian coffee offers a delightful flavor of milk chocolate, nutty richness, and a hint of sweet maple. With a deep, round body, it’s an approachable and delicious choice that has quickly become a favorite among employees.

Named after the Portuguese term for Red Rattlesnake, Cascavel Vermelha is a dry processed Brazilian coffee known for its delicious sweetness and richness. Rattlesnakes play a crucial role in Brazil’s ecosystem by keeping pests away from coffee fields, ensuring the quality of the crop. After harvesting, the coffee beans are sun-dried on patios and carefully monitored to achieve optimal drying.

Our partners at origin manage a vertically integrated supply chain, including a warehouse and mill. The focus is on building a traceable supply chain and providing risk management services to farmers. OZO is thrilled to bring this dynamic Brazilian coffee back to its customers.

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