New Release | Brazil Cascavel Vermelha | 3/17/2023


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Snapshot: Brazil Cascavel Vermelha has all the chocolate and nutty richness you expect from a Brazil, with a pop of sweet maple, blackberry, and peanut butter roundness.

Fresh Brazil’s are stateside and tasting better than ever! It is with great joy that we release a new to the OZO line up Brazilian coffee: Brazil Cascavel Vermelha. This coffee has all the chocolate and nutty richness you expect from a traditional Brazil, with a pop of sweet maple, ripe mixed berries, and peanut butter roundness. It is fruity and has a deep, round body.  This coffee is complex and dynamic and a new employee favorite! Sweet enough to enjoy as black coffee but also heavy enough to handle cream, this is sure to please the masses.

Portuguese for Red Rattlesnake, Cascavel Vermelha is a delicious, sweet, and rich dry processed Brazilian coffee. Rattlesnakes are essential to the ecosystem in Brazil, as they keep pests like rodents and other small animals away from coffee fields where they could burrow into coffee tree root systems or chew through irrigation setups. After picking, this coffee is sun dried on patios and diligently raked to ensure proper drying.

Our importers for this coffee have a QC team in Varginha Minas Gerais that manage a vertically integrated supply chain to ensure consistency in this macro coffee blend. They locally manage a warehouse and mill strictly for those who partner with Sucafina Brasil. The goal is to build a traceable supply chain and focus on increasing risk management services to farmers. OZO is excited to be bringing in such a dynamic Brazil with our reliable partners from Sucafina.

Brazil Cascavel Vermelha

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