New Release | Burundi Kibingo Dry Process & Washed Process| 4/7/2023

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Burundi Kibingo Releases

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Burundi Kibingo Dry Process Snapshot: Look for balanced notes of cherry cola, chocolate, and plum in this rich but approachable dry processed Burundi. 

Burundi Kibingo Washed Process Snapshot: This Limited Release coffee will likely only be around for two months! Grab this juicy coffee while you can! With notes of tropical fruit, honey, and black tea, this is the perfect spring time coffee.

Burundi’s are baaack! After much anticipation, we are launching both a dry processed and washed processed coffee from the Kibingo washing station located in the region of Kayanza. 

You may recall, but it has been nearly two years since OZO offered a traditionally washed Burundi option. In the previous harvest cycle, weather negatively affected Burundi’s coffee production. This influenced producers to experiment with processing techniques to potentially improve quality in order to make enough money with less yield – and thus the yeast inoculated experimental lots were born. Last year our partners at Kibingo Greenco chose not to sell a washed coffee due to the strained harvest, and instead chose to exclusively offer these yeast inoculated lots. The additional processing steps added a cost value to the producers working through the station, and OZO continued to support Burundi through the purchase of one of these experimental lots – which we adored!

Fortunately for Burundi (and people who love their coffee), the current harvest’s yield increased, and it seems as though their renewed focus on quality in the previous season has impacted this year’s coffees for the better. This is a win-win for producers and consumers alike! And due to this larger harvest, Kibingo is offering washed lots once again.

The Kibingo washing station is located at 1,893 masl and is supplied by farms located between 1,700 and 1,900 masl. The station serves more than 3,500 coffee growers from the surrounding hills. Kibingo is equipped with ten fermentation tanks, two soaking tanks, and a drying field with four pre-drying tables and 165 drying tables. Organic fertilizer made from coffee pulp is available to all farmers who work through the Kibingo washing station – along with low-cost coffee seedlings. 

Kibingo participates in farmer outreach and support, one of which is focused on livestock. The livestock projects are a USAID initiative that is a community-driven effort. The livestock are used as an additional revenue stream for the farmers (dairy farming). This is also a solidarity chain – meaning that any offspring from this initial livestock donation stays with the community (or is theirs to sell, etc!). Contributions to this project cover the cost of the animals, vaccinations for the animals, husbandry training, and lessons on turning animal waste into fertilizer for their coffee crops.

Both of these coffees will be available for only a few months, so get them while you can! 

Burundi Kibingo Dry Process

Burundi Kibingo Washed Process