New Release | Colombia Las Flores Sidra | 8/11/23

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Colombia Las Flores Sidra

Snapshot: A luxurious, clean coffee that showcases notes of peach and pink rose accentuating its sparkling acidity and silky, smooth finish.

Finca Las Flores is one of five farms in the Acevedo region that work in a collaborative effort to improve development and innovative processing for better coffee. This community of farms includes Las Flores, El Diviso, La Cordiller, El Triunfo, and La Maria.

Las Flores has a rich history beginning when Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure, the parents of producer Johan Vergara, arrived in 1990, relocating from Cundinamarca to Acevedo, Huila. The farm began with 2 hectares and a mix of Canturra and Colombia coffee tree varieties, amounting to 18,000 total trees planted. Through the help of their three sons, Carlos, Johan, and Diego they have grown to 12 hectares of 30,000 trees planted for the Sidra Bourbon variety alone. While Carlos and Diego contribute to logistics, their middle son Johan focuses on working with other outstanding producers to develop new and innovative processing decisions.

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Producer Johan Vergara

Among the addition of other varieties such as Java, Pacamara, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Chiroso, and Catimore, the Sidra Bourbon is one of the newest in Vergara’s experimental varieties. Johan’s extensive experience in production and natural processes has allowed for the remarkable quality in the body and sweetness of this coffee.

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Through a washed process, the cherries are picked at an optimal harvest (22 degrees brix) and through advanced processing techniques held in permeable polypropylene fiber bags for 18 hours, thus beginning the cherry oxidation. After transferring to 200L sealed plastic barrels without water for 36 hours, the cherries were floated to remove impurities and inferior particles. Pulping began with a return to plastic barrels without water for 48 hours of further anaerobic fermentation. The final mucilage is then removed through thermal shock processing (washing of the coffee with water heated at 35 degrees Celsius). Drying occurs for 12-15 days after on raised beds below a solar parabolic shade canopy, protecting the complex quality from direct sun exposure.


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