New Release | Ethiopia Ardi | 7/28/23

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Snapshot: Berry-forward coffee highlighting lasting notes of fig and dark purple fruit with a bright, lingering sweetness of rich plum wine and agave.

Ethiopia Ardi is a new offering for OZO customers, but the flavors of this coffee will be quite familiar. This dry processed Ethiopia from the Guji region is quite
similar in taste to that of our past Ethiopia Refisa. With notes of wild blueberry, plum, and the sweetness of agave, this coffee is unique and bold. As the story is often told, Ethiopia is thought to be the birthplace of coffee. It is also researched to be a birthplace of human discovery. The word ‘Ardi’ comes from the story of an ancient humanoid fossil discovery in Ethiopia. In 1994 in the Middle Awash area of the Afar Depression in Ethiopia, an American-Ethiopian team based out of the University of California at Berkeley discovered a 4.4 million year old skeleton of a species named Ardipithecus ramidus. Research later connected this find to a creature on our branch of the family tree after we split from the ancestors of chimps. This coffee is named as an homage to our history as people and the history of coffee in Ethiopia.

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