New Release | Guatemala Gaspar Perez Cardona | 11/17/23

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Gaspar Perez Cardona

Guatemala Gaspar Perez Cardona

OZO Bag Photos 12oz 26 OZO Coffee CompanyTucked away between the Sierra de los Cuchamantes, the highest mountains in Central America, is the Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepcion Huista, more commonly referred to as CODECH. This cooperative is comprised of 3 smaller cooperatives that all locally contribute to CODECH in the Concepcion Huista area: ADIPY and ADAT both make up 40% of production while ADINTHEC brings in the remaining 20% of production.

This 14 bag micro-lot from producer Gaspar Perez Cardona, was brought in to CODECH from the ADIPY association. During this year’s local CODECH coffee competition, this specific lot of coffee made it to the top 20. OZO was privileged to have Founder Justin Hartman join the local competition this year, enabling us to secure this exceptional coffee directly from the source. This washed Guatemalan coffee is deeply sweet, big bodied, and balanced with citrus notes and an essence of baked goods.

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