New Release | Guatemala Wendy Hernandez | 12/15/23

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Justin & Wendy, Guatemala

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Wendy Hernandez, a second-generation farmer at Finca La Bonita, triumphed as the first-place winner at this year’s annual Codech Competition in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Wendy’s journey in coffee has been an inspiring one; she inherited her father’s two-hectare farm after his passing and currently manages it with the help of 13 dedicated harvesters. Under Wendy’s leadership, she made the decision to join the CODECH cooperative in order to gain knowledge and support after taking over the farm. Wendy is part of the ADAT community within the CODECH Organic Cooperative, a community that strives to improve their livelihoods through coffee production and aims to keep families together in Guatemala by providing more local opportunities. Wendy’s commitment to her craft is evident in her unique methods, including her handmade honey fertilizer from coffee pulp and forest floor leaves. She carefully nurtures her trees with this natural mixture, giving each tree individual attention. Her meticulous 48-hour washing process, guided by the sensory experience of sound and touch, further distinguishes her coffee. 

Upon meeting Wendy and spending time in Guatemala, Justin knew this lot was special and knew it should be shared. Due to high demand, our access to this remarkable coffee is limited. Its exceptional quality challenges preconceptions about washed Guatemalan coffee. We are thrilled to share this phenomenal lot with you, a testament to Wendy’s incredible dedication and the promise of her farm’s continued potential.

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