New Release | Nicaragua Un Regalo De Dios, Washed Process | 1/19/24

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nicaragua 12oz OZO Coffee CompanyNicaragua Un Regalo De Dios, Washed Process

OZO is thrilled to reintroduce a washed process Nicaraguan coffee from the esteemed producer, Luis Alberto Balladarez, to our lineup. Since 2013, we’ve been acquiring this delightful Bourbon, known for its sweetness, crispness, and easy-drinking qualities. Each year, it consistently lives up to our expectations.

Washed process coffees undergo depulping to remove the cherry skin and much of the sticky mucilage bound to the parchment. Following depulping, the coffee is fermented in water for a specified duration, effectively breaking down and “washing” the mucilage off the seed before the drying process.

What distinguishes this coffee from other Nicaraguan varieties outside of Finca Un Regalo de Dios is the farm’s unwavering commitment to coffee quality, long-term sustainability, and traceability. Luis Alberto prioritizes soil regeneration to ensure optimal nutrients for his plants, resulting in cherries enriched with organic nutrients for the sweetest possible fruit. This dedication also ensures the plants’ health, enabling them to be passed down for generations—an aspect Luis actively plans for.

Luis Alberto has implemented an impeccable traceability system, meticulously keeping micro lots separated and accounted for throughout harvesting, drying, and milling. It’s evident that Luis Alberto is deeply passionate about coffee quality across the entire process, from planting to harvesting to processing. His commitment reflects in his notable achievements, having placed in Cup of Excellence five times, including a recent 3rd place in 2022. OZO takes pride in featuring coffees from Un Regalo de Dios, an award-winning farm.