OZO Coffee French Press Home Brew

Home brew french press

Hey coffee lovers! Today we are demonstrating the OZO way to brew a french press at home.

We recommend this method for more developed roasts, such as our Organic Isabelle or OZO Blend.

If you don’t have a scale at home, an easy ratio to follow is:
2 tablespoons of coffee to every 6oz water

The recipe we are using in this tutorial is:
26g coffee to 420g hot water

PRO-TIP: Pre-heat your french press with boiling water prior to grinding your coffee – this will keep the temperature consistent during the steeping process.  


What you’ll Need

French Press
Kettle/Hot Water
Stir Spoon
Whole Bean Coffee


Brew Time


Step 1 | Weigh + Grind Coffee

Measure and grind coffee on a medium to medium course grind setting. Make sure you dumped out the water used to pre-heat your french press and add the correctly measured coffee to the bottom of the press. Set on your scale and tare to zero before adding the hot water.


Step 2 | The BLoom: Pour Water & Start Timer


We call this next step the Bloom, which is basically allowing the coffee to off-gas.

Start your timer now for 4 minutes and pour 100g of hot water onto the grinds. Wait 20 seconds and then give it a stir to make sure all the coffee grounds are saturated.  

At 30 seconds, pour in the rest of the hot water to 420g, and put the plunger on top (without plunging!)



Step 3 | 4 Minutes: Stir The Crust

At 4 minutes, restart the timer for 1 minute, remove the lid and stir the coffee gently. Return the lid on the press and wait until the timer is finished.


Step 4: Press the Coffee

When your timer goes off (for a total of 5 minutes now), slowly and consistently push the press down. Your french press is now ready to pour and enjoy! 

BONUS PRO-TIP: preheat your cup to keep the coffee hot.