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Burundi Gakenke Experimental Honey Process – Special Reserve


Peach Cobbler | Caramel | Fig

This Special Reserve Experimental Lot will surprise you with clarity in it’s fruit characteristics and depth in body.


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REGION: Kayanza
ORIGIN: Burundi
FARM/CO-OP: Gakenke
ELEVATION: 1,500-1,800m
PROCESSING METHOD: Experimental Honey Process
TASTE: Peach Cobbler | Caramel | Fig

Eddy Nkanagu, managing director at Greenco – the producing and exporting company in Burundi that provided us with this coffee – was on the ground himself ensuring only the best products of this experiment were exported to their partners. Because of the limited harvest this past season due to climate issues, producers looked at ways to add value to their smaller harvests, in turn, getting more money in their pockets for smaller volumes. Their innovative solution was using different strains of yeast in the processing process to add character and depth to the coffee.

This experimental lot was processed with a strain of yeast called Oro. The cherry is picked, sorted, washed, and partially depulped. It is then put into a tank with a mixture of cherry, yeast, and water at a ratio of 1 kilo cherry, 1 liter water, and 1 gram Oro yeast. The cherry is left in a mostly covered tank for 12 hours and then brought out to dry on raised African beds, with the yeast mixture still on!