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Burundi Kibingo Dry Process

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Cherry Cola | Chocolate | Plum

Burundi Kibingo Dry Process is layered with ripe fruits. Blueberry, tart cherry, white grape and cola.


REGION: Kayanza
ORIGIN: Burundi
FARM/CO-OP: Kibingo Washing Station
ELEVATION: 1,700-1,900m
TASTE: Cherry Cola | Chocolate | Plum

The Kibingo washing station is in the commune of Kayanza in northern Burundi. At the washing station, farmers can obtain organic fertilizer from composted coffee pulp. To promote farm renovation, producers can get low-cost, subsidized coffee seedlings at the washing station. Each station has its own nursery for this purpose.

Kibingo serves 3,515 registered coffee growers, spread over 18 hills in the area. Kibingo washing station participates in a number of farmer outreach and support projects include a goat and pig project, Farmer Hub, strengthening cooperatives and distributing fertilizer and coffee trees.

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