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Colombia Las Flores Sidra | Special Reserve

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Peach Rings | Jasmine | Watermelon

A luxurious, clean coffee that showcases notes of peach and pink rose accentuating its sparkling acidity and silky, smooth finish.

**Only available in 8oz or 2lb bags**


ORIGIN: Colombia
FARM/CO-OP: Las Flores
VARIETAL: Sidra Bourbon
TASTE: Peach Rings | Jasmine | Watermelon

Sidra Bourbon is one of Las Flores experimental varieties, thoughtfully processed through innovative collaboration to improve the coffee’s complexity and clarity in flavor. After the producers harvest the coffee, the cherries undergo an 18-hour oxidation period before being sealed in plastic barrels to undergo a two-part anaerobic fermentation process. The cherries are washed after 36 hours before returning to plastic barrels for 48 more hours of fermentation. After final depulping through thermal shock (washing with water heated to 35 degrees Celsius), the coffee undergoes drying on raised beds under canopy. This time can vary from 12 to 15 days before being resealed for moisture protection. For this specific lot, the cup profile releases bright aromatic notes of rose, jasmine, berry with balanced
undertones of silky sweetness and medium body.

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