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Colombia Nixon Adarme | Special Reserve

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Tropical Fruit | Honey | Citrus

Look for distinct fruit notes like papaya, orange, and mango, in addition to honey and an essence of strawberry yogurt.


REGION: Aponte, Tablon de Gomez
ORIGIN: Narino, Colombia
FARM/CO-OP: El Naranjo
VARIETAL: Colombia and Caturran
TASTE: Tropical Fruit | Honey | Citrus

This single producer micro lot comes to us from Nixon Adarme’s 2 hectare farm, Finca El Naranjo, out of the Aponte region in Narino Colombia. Located at a whopping 2050 meters above sea level, his farm is home to rich volcanic soils and a consistent Andean climate, meaning he has a distinct harvest season compared to the other southern states which can pick year round.

For this specific lot, the coffee cherries were picked at peak ripeness then placed in sealed barrels for two days – this acts as a sudo fermentation process. Cherry is then de-pulped and fermented for another 24 hours before being taken straight to raised beds in a covered dryer. The drying process takes about 20 days to complete. This honey processed coffee can be classified as an experimental honey process as not all coffee goes through that sealed fermentation stage. Adding in this step brings out complexity and sweetness.

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