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El Salvador La Guachoca

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Dark Chocolate | Cherry | Toffee

This coffee is rich in body and showcases notes of chocolate, Bing cherries, and dark caramel.


REGION: Cerro Verde
ORIGIN: El Salvador
FARM/CO-OP: La Guachoca
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1,400-1,600m
TASTE: Dark Chocolate | Cherry | Toffee

Finca La Guachoca, owned by the Pacas Family since 2008, is located at 1400+ masl in the Santa Ana area of Cerro Verde El Salvador. The farm, La Guachoca, is named after a quail-like bird that inhabits the area. The slopes of the farm are scattered with native trees providing fruits and shade. The shade is strategically created and pruned to best support the proper maturation of the coffee cherries.

OZO’s coffee from Finca La Guachoca is a dry processed red bourbon, grown in the soils of a now extinct volcano.

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