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El Salvador Orange Bourbon | Special Reserve


Plum | Molasses | Blackberry


Rich, round, and dynamic, this dry processed orange bourbon has intense depth and complexity.


REGION: Los Naranjos, Santa Ana
ORIGIN: El Salvador
FARM/CO-OP: Emilio Lopez Diaz
TASTE: Plum | Molasses | Blackberry

OZO Coffee has been purchasing coffee from renowned El Salvador producer Emilio Lopez since back in 2013. Lopez is a younger farmer who is known for experimenting with processing and staying at the forefront of the everchanging coffee world. Lopez assists older local farmers by processing and exporting their coffees for adequate pay rather than selling it to the coyotes.

This dry processed orange bourbon comes from his farm known as El Manzano located in the western side of the country. It is situated right beside the Santa Ana volcano at 1550 meters above sea level. The rich soils combined with Lopez’ attention to detail lead to an incredibly dynamic cup year over year.

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