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Ethiopia Guracho Guji

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Jasmine | Stone Fruit | Honey

With notes of stone fruit, honey, and jasmine, this coffee tastes like summertime. Sweet and syrupy, complex and refreshing.


ORIGIN: Ethiopia
FARM/CO-OP: Guracho Washing Station
ELEVATION: 1,900-2,100m
TASTE: Jasmine | Stone Fruit | Honey

Coming from the famous Guji region of Ethiopia is this deliciously complex washed Ethiopia Guracho Guji. This 100% typica varietal is produced at an altitude of 1900-2100 masl and is processed at the Guracho washing station. This station is managed by Sibu Coffee Trading, a large, expereinced, and reputable company that specializes in top lot Ethiopias. The terroir of this region, combined with strict washing practices, make for a complex and clear cup. Notes of botanicals, fresh citrus and stone fruit, and delicate honey can be tasted in this equisite Ethiopia Guracho.


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