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Ethiopia Hambela Dame Dabaye


The lively citrus of the Ethiopia Hambela Dame Dabaye balances with sweet honeysuckle and simple syrup, leading to a smooth and structured finish with notes of lemongrass and hops.


REGION: Ethiopia
ORIGIN: Dame Dabaye Town
FARM/CO-OP: Guji Zone, Hambela Wamena District
TASTE: Honeysuckle | Lemon Zest | Black Tea

Few coffee producing countries offer as much diversity in quality and cup profile as Ethiopia. The range of floral, fruit and botanical qualities one can experience in coffees from this single country is incredible. The subtle variations in growing conditions within Ethiopia’s Guji Zone yield so many unique profiles, it could be considered a country of its own!

As a company, Sibu Trading has been working extensively with farmers in Guji Zone for over 20 years. To improve market access for their farmers, Sibu Coffee Exporters began operations in 2014, shipping primarily Guji coffees to importers and roasters around the world.

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