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Honduras Erin Moreno

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Shortbread | Caramel | Orange Marmalade

This washed-process micro-lot from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras tastes like white sugar sprinkled on fresh grapefruit, crisp green apple, agave, shortbread, and sweet citrus.


REGION: Central America
ORIGIN: Honduras
ELEVATION: 1,560m –1,880m
TASTE: Shortbread | Caramel | Orange Marmalade

Dating back to 2017, OZO Coffee has been purchasing a washed micro-lot from producer Erin Jesus Moreno Reyes. Located in the El Cedral village of the Santa Barbara region in Honduras, Erin Moreno produces coffee on 2 hectares of land named Finca El Pito. Found around the highlands of Lake Yojoa, the area is unique to an unusual growing condition that causes a very extended cherry maturation period. Cools mists keep temperatures low and protect plants from harsh heat. This slow development directly impacts the flavor of the coffee, causing it to be sweet and complex. It also means harvest can happen much later than other regions in Central America; it isn’t unusual to have this coffee land stateside in January!

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