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Kenya Ichuga AA | Special Reserve


Black Currant | Honey | Stone Frui

This coffee has blackberry richness balanced with sweet graham, wine-like acidity, and a dried fruit finish.  

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REGION: Karatina, Nyeri County
FARM/CO-OP: Kiama Farmer Co-op / Ichuga Washing Station Estate
TASTE: Black Currant | Honey | Stone Fruit

Fun Fact: The name Nyeri is derived from the Masaai word nyiro, meaning red, after the red volcanic soil in the area. 

Ichuga is one of 5 factories owned and operated by Kiama Farmer Cooperative Society (FCS). Located in Nyeri, near the town of Karatina, that station is located at 1,700 meters above sea level. Nyeri’s red volcanic soil is rich in organic matter and nutrients, making it an excellent region for coffee production. Our importering company for this coffee, Sucafina, has a field team in Kenya that provides training to farmers and washing station employees. The station also receives prefinancing from Sucafina to support maintenance and operating costs. 

Once sorted, ripe, red cherry is added straight to the hopper and pulped. Coffee is fermented and then washed to remove any remaining mucilage. Then parchment is moved to raised beds to finish drying. Here, it is turned regularly to ensure even drying and covered at the hottest part of the day and overnight to prevent cracking and/or condensation. Drying time is usually around two weeks, depending on the weather at the time. Once dry, parchment is delivered to Kahawa Bora Millers, one of Sucafina’s Sister Companies in Kenya. Uniquely, the mill has the capacity to mill smaller lots separately to help preserve quality and traceability.