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Nicaragua Un Regalo de Dios, Washed


Citrus | Caramel | Stone Fruit

A delicate pear acidity is complemented with notes of deep brown sugar, toasted nuts, vanilla, and an essence of tropical fruit.


REGION: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia
ORIGIN: Nicaragua
FARM/CO-OP: El Aserradero, Un Regalo de Dios
ELEVATION: 1400-1650 masl
TASTE: Citrus | Caramel | Stone Fruit

Renowned producer, Luis Alberto, does it again with this extraordinary washed lot. With his dedication and focus on continuous improvement to processing and land management, Luis has delivered an extremely clean and dynamic washed lot to us yet again. On his farms, they are very concerned with practices to conserve soil and build organic matter in the soil for the health and longevity of the plants that depend on it. They plant guava trees both for shade and soil development, which adds to the unique terroir. They actively work to avoid deforestation and plant trees to contribute to biodiversity in and around the land. Luis Alberto is currently teaching the tricks of his trade to his children, Cindy and Luis, who will eventually take over the family business.

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