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Nicaragua Un Regalo De Dios, Dry Process


Cherry | Fudge | Mixed Berries

This coffee tastes like blueberry fudge, fresh honey, and magic! This coffee is an employee favorite!


REGION: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia
ORIGIN: Nicaragua
FARM/CO-OP: Un Regalo de Dios, La Armistad
ELEVATION: 1,300-1,900M
TASTE: Cherry | Fudge | Mixed Berries

Finca Un Regalo de Dios, which translates to ‘a gift from God’ from Spanish, is a world-renowned farm located in La Cordillera de Dipilto y Jalapa, a mountain range that spans parts of northern Nicaragua and Honduras. This farm has been producing some of the highest quality coffees in Nicaragua, ranking in Cup of Excellence starting back in 2010 through present day. Found at an altitude of 1300-1900 masl, URDD is located within a cloud forest microclimate conducive to perfect cherry maturation. Broadleaf trees, various fruiting trees, and other flora and fauna add to the healthy environment that encircles the farm.

All coffee harvested from URDD is processed at their on-site wet mill, where coffee goes through a rigorous sorting and separation process to ensure only the best cherries are processed and pushed through to customers. It is this extreme care and attention to detail that keeps Un Regalo de Dios at the top of our list for partnering with year after year.

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