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Organic Honduras Omar Rodriguez Jr


Brown Sugar | Fig | Marzipan

This crowd-pleasing coffee boasts rich sweetness through notes of dark fruits and sugars.


ORIGIN: Honduras
ELEVATION: 1,240m – 1,560m
TASTE: Brown Sugar | Fig | Marzipan

OZO Coffee has been supporting Omar Rodriguez Jr and his father since 2010 through the purchase of greencoffee. Omar Jr is the current president of COCAFCAL (Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada) which is acooperative that encompasses so much more than just coffee. Members of COCAFCAL are granted access totheir mills, a cafeteria, cafe, cupping lab, conference center, computer lab, coffee tree nursery, fishing ponds,and fruits and vegetables grown around Capucas. The town of Capucas is centered around the happenings ofCOCAFCAL. Omar Rodriguez Jr. is not only a community leader in the region but also a quality focusedproducer. OZO is proud to continue to highlight this micro lot this year. Processed at the COCAFCAL facilities,this coffee is rich with notes of brown sugar, fig, and sweet marzipan.

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