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Peru El Milagro


Maple | Candied Lemon | Hazelnut

This coffee highlights toffee and carmel notes with a touch of candied lemon zest and a rich fudge body.


REGION: Cajamarca
FARM/CO-OP: El Milagro
ELEVATION: 1,200-1,600m
TASTE: Maple | Candied Lemon | Hazelnut

‘El Milagro’ translates from Spanish to mean ‘the miracle,’ and it is for good reason it has this name. The co-op’s base in San José de Lourdes is located near the Río Chinchipe. To cross the river, a vehicle first must drive on to a flimsy-looking raft attached to a metal cable that keeps the raft from drifting away in the often-strong current. This is how things are transported from one side to the other, and all coffee must complete the trek.

Even faced with such obstacles, El Milagro continues to look for ways to improve quality. In 2015, they succeeded in selling their very first single-producer micro-lot. In the years since then, they have doubled their membership and increased quality immensely. It truly is a miracle we get to enjoy such beautiful coffee from this area.

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