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Tanzania AA Idiwili


Golden Raisin | Honey | Stone Fruit

This coffee is super bright and wild, with notes of lemon lime, golden raisin, pineapple, and honey.


REGION: Mybeya
ORIGIN: Tanzania
FARM/CO-OP: Idiwili
TASTE: Golden Raisin | Honey | Stone Fruit

Tanzania, like most East African coffees, hold true to having a wild flavor profile. Tamarind, pineapple, golden raisin, brown sugar, green tea are all flavors that can be experienced on the spectrum of taste for this Tanzania Idiwili Peaberry.

Idiwili AMCOS, Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (what they call Cooperatives), is relatively new to the scene. This Coop was created in December 2016, but their processing game was elevated in 2019 with a purchase of a new pulper and several drying beds. Currently, they have 142 contributing members and hope to grow their Coop and focus on quality. Looking towards the future, they hope to bring in new fermentation tanks, and additional drying tables.