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Coffee Subscription

Freshly Roasted Coffee Delivered to Your Home or Office, When You Want It.

Enjoy a rotating selection of single origin coffees, selected blends, or your blend choice, delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Instant Coffee

Now you can take OZO Coffee with you anywhere!

These packages are perfect for travel, camping, hiking, and mornings on the go. Just add hot or cold water, stir and enjoy.

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Organic Coffee

From SEED to Cup

We are committed to sourcing ethically and sustainably grown coffees from around the world.

Check out our full line of great tasting, freshly roasted organic coffee.


New Release | Tanzania Iloma | 7/12/24

New Release | Tanzania Iloma | 7/12/24

Tanzania Iloma An AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) is a small local cooperative society that provides for the local purchase of agricultural input supplies and helps farmers market their crops. In Tanzania, AMCOS provide farmers with essential local...

New Release | Ethiopia Ardi | 7/5/24

New Release | Ethiopia Ardi | 7/5/24

Ethiopia Ardi Snapshot: Berry-forward coffee with lasting notes of fig and dark purple fruit, complemented by a bright, lingering sweetness of rich plum wine and agave. Ethiopia Ardi hails from the Guji region, a place renowned for its exceptional coffee. This natural...

New Release | Honduras Omar Rodriguez Jr. | 6/28/24

New Release | Honduras Omar Rodriguez Jr. | 6/28/24

Honduras Omar Rodriguez Jr. This crowd-pleasing coffee boasts rich sweetness through notes of dark fruits and sugars. Nestled near the summit of a mountain in the Copán region of Honduras lies the vibrant coffee farming community of Capucas, home to the Cooperativa...

About OZO Coffee

OZO Coffee Company is a coffee roaster & retail operator based in Boulder, Colorado with Espresso Cafe locations in Boulder and Longmont, Colorado.

Founded in 2007, OZO Coffee has based its growth on core principles of service, quality, community, and sustainability.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion for coffee with you.


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