About OZO Coffee Company

OZO Coffee Company is a coffee roaster & retail operator based in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2007 by Justin Hartman, OZO Coffee has based its growth on core principles of service, quality, community, and sustainability.
















To support & connect diverse communities through coffee

We work to make a positive impact through investing ethically in our supply chain, devoting time and resources to develop our local, national, and international coffee community, contributing to local schools, organizations, and causes that help our community, supporting our staff, providing an excellent product and service to our wholesale and retail customers, and providing a hospitable community space in our cafes where people receive excellent service, excellent products, and can connect with their community.
















We are committed to sourcing ethically and sustainably grown coffees from around the world. Through building strong relationships with our farmers, we ensure consistent harvest practices, delivering the highest quality throughout the entire supply chain from seed to cup. Many of the lots we source are Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified. We also use compostable and recyclable packaging materials in each sector of our business. Small batches are roasted with meticulous care using our Diedrich and Gothot coffee roasters. Roast profiles are perfected for each coffee to develop and highlight the best characteristics from every region.