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BVSD Trip Tracker Program, rewarding students & staff for walking, biking, bus riding, & carpooling to school!


We have been a proud partner of the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) Trip Tracker program since 2010 and wanted to share a little about this program with our community. We recently caught up with Amy Thompson, Safe Routes to School Coordinator with BVSD and here is what she shared.

What is the mission of Trip Tracker and when did it start?
Trip Tracker was invented 14 years ago by my predecessor, Peter Hurst. The program rewards students and staff for making green transportation choices to and from school, which include walking, biking, skateboarding, scooting, carpooling, and taking the bus (school bus or RTD). The program’s goal is to reduce the number of single-family car trips to and from school. The outcomes we are striving for are to reduce traffic danger in school zones, to improve the air quality around schools, to reduce neighborhood traffic congestion, and to get kids active before and after school, which benefits their focus and their physical and mental health.

How many local businesses currently participate in the program and how does it even work?
We have 32 partner businesses where participants can spend their Trip Tracker dollars and 15 local non-profits (plus their schools) where they can donate their Trip Tracker dollars. Here is how it works:

  • Parents of PK-8th graders and high school students receive monthly surveys for reporting their trips via Google Forms
    • Students earn one Trip Tracker Dollar for every five “Green Trips” and a bonus $1 for 75%+ biking or walking trips
    • Students monthly average is around $7
  • Bus drivers and aides help build reward packets of Trip Tracker dollars and deliver them to schools.
  • Trip Tracker dollars are accepted as cash by dozens of Boulder County businesses *
  • Students can also donate their dollars to their school or to local nonprofits
  • 2022-2023 program stats:
    • 333,341 total car trips reduced
    • 689.982 total car miles reduced
    • 634,784 total pounds of carbon dioxide emissions reduced
    • 71,155 trip tracker treasures earned (nearly 3,000 of those redeemed at OZO Coffee)
      *Note: Trip Tracker Treasures do have an expiration date!

Visit https://www.bvsd.org/departments/transportation/trip-tracker to learn more!


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