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Costa Rica Nazareth Robles | Special Reserve

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Mango | Honey | Rum Raisin

This fermented dry processed coffee brings exotic flavors like mango, papaya, chocolate, and rum raisin to the cup. If you’re feeling adventurous, this coffee is yours to try!


REGION: Tarrazu
ORIGIN: Costa Rica
TASTE: Mango | Honey | Rum Raisin

For all you adventurous coffee drinkers who like to walk the line of exotic, intense, and wild, our new Costa Rica Dry processed coffee could be just what you’re looking for to liven up your day. Under the supervision of her father Leonard Robles, this lot was produced by his daughter Nazareth Robles. This is her first official lot of coffee ever produced and it certainly won’t be her last. Nazareth is a fourth-generation coffee producer and is currently studying business in hopes of applying her education to her family coffee business, RYS, which is a mill they operate on their property.

This coffee is farmed in Tarrazu on their 8 hectare farm known as El Balar. This Catuai varietal is picked at peak ripeness, floated to ensure high-quality beans, then processed in a strikingly unique way. First, the full cherries are put into mounds on concrete patios to dry for 3-4 days untouched. Following that process, the cherries are moved to a static mechanical dryer that uses continuous low heat to evenly dry the cherry for one week. Then, they seal up the coffee cherry in sacks for one month before they are dry milled. They acknowledge that this process is different, but after many experiments in fermented naturals, they feel as though this provides the most interesting and complex cup. You can be the judge of that!

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